Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Travels: My Peruvian Pals

Hello! Happy here, with the hippo report from Peru. I´m taking over the blog today to tell you about Ashley´s new Peruvian pals.

First, meet Sara. She´s Ashley´s housemate. She´s from Denmark, and she really hates gelatina (the Peruvian version of Jell-O). Fun fact about Sara: Ashley can take a shower in the time it takes Sara to brush her teeth -- and that´s really saying something. Sara´s favorite thing about Peru is the view from her bedroom: the quiet town of Pisac and the soaring, green Andes beyond.

Here´s Henry. He´s from Exeter, and this fall he´s going to Oxford to study Spanish and French. First, though, he´s going to wander around South America for a few months. Fun fact about Henry: He´s been to every continent except Antarctica (Ashley intends to catch up soon). His favorite thing about Peru is our morning commute through the winding, ever-changing Andes.

This is Christine. She and Henry are housemates here in Pisac, and she´s also from Exeter (small world!). She´ll be studying English and Spanish at Nottingham this fall, but in the meantime she is Ashley´s teaching partner. They have arguments in class about how to pronounce things like aluminum and iodine.

This is Laerke. She´s also from Denmark, and she´ll be studying in London this fall -- subject yet to be determined. She lives in Cusco, and her favorite thing about Peru, she says, is the cute, chubby children.

Finally, meet Irene from Florence, Italy (one of my favorite cities)! She´s starting a Ph.D. program this fall at King´s College London in the philosophy of economics and biology, but in the meantime she´s enjoying the constant sense of discovery here in Peru.

So, if you´ve been keeping track, four of my five Peruvian pals will be studying in England this fall. Michael, I have bad news for you about Ashley´s upcoming travel expenses.

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  1. I should have expected as much. Glad you'll be able to keep up with all your friends.