Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Some Basic Geography

I´ve been talking about many towns here in Peru´s Sacred Valley without providing much context. So, for those of you following along at home, here´s a map (click it for a larger version):

Cusco is the main city in the region, and I work there during the week. I live in Pisac, which is about an hour from Cusco by bus and which sits along a single road through the Sacred Valley. The Projects Abroad office is a bit farther along, in Urubamba. Even farther along is Ollantaytambo, where we attended a festival during my first week. Keep going that way, and eventually you´ll stumble onto Machu Picchu.

Beyond that, I don´t have much to report. We spent Saturday evening in Cusco, where a room in a decent hostel can be had for just $10. We had brunch Sunday morning at a restaurant called The Real McCoy, which celebrates English food like Marmite and baked beans on toast. Even for the Americans, it was a nice taste of home! Now, we´re back in the classroom for another intense week of teaching, and our students are doing very well.


  1. So, I'm officially super jealous. My roommate sent you an invitation to be Skype friends, but I'm not sure how much access you have to that. Just so you know, I'm now looking into Projects Abroad's medical projects. Maybe I'll get South America soon. Be safe and post more pictures. Love you sissy!

  2. Hey Ash! Sounds like you are having a lot of fun! I would say "experience of a lifetime" but you have so many of those. I'm envious. Wanted to let you know that we sent our "Save the Date" cards out this week and that hopefully your Michael opens it, saves it, and puts it aside for you to see when you return in many weeks. :) Have fun!