Sunday, January 31, 2010

Home, Sweet Home: An Update

We are home in Pisac this weekend. After a few sunny days, the water level is down, and we´re back to business as usual. Unfortunately, we now have to hike a mile to reach the buses and taxis to Cusco. (I´ll post a picture soon of the super-scary suspension footbridge we use.) We´re told that a new bridge will be completed by the end of February.

This weekend has been fairly quiet. We went into Cusco yesterday to visit the ruins at Sacsayhuaman, but my travel companions balked at the 70 soles entry fee (about $25). The plan instead is to get up super early on another day, because the ticket-takers don´t arrive until 7 a.m. Hmm ... I think I´ll sleep in and go with Michael instead.

Instead of touring the ruins, we spent the afternoon at The Real McCoy, an expat restaurant in Cusco where you can get full English breakfasts, burgers and other familiar, comforting foods. Unfortunately, the restaurant is closing for the whole of February.

Now, I´m off to wander the Pisac market, which is in full force on Sundays. The real trick is avoiding the tourists ... they´re so annoying. :)

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